Quick Start

Using your AWIRE is as simple as plugging in the headphones and heading out!
Plug your headphones into AWIRE
Connect to your Phone’s Bluetooth (optional)
 Push on AWIRE logo to talk!
Channel, Volume and other features can be accessed by the AWIRE APP. Please refer to AWIRE manual for full product description



Available on iTunes and Google Play.

AWIRE Manual



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to connect my phone to the Stealth V1 to use it?

No! The Stealth V1 is a self-contained two-way radio, ready to use with or without your smart phone. You will need to connect to a smartphone with the AWIRE app to change any radio settings however.

How long does the Stealth V1 take to charge?

Full Charge from empty battery takes approximately 30 minutes using a standard 1A charger.

Why are there power settings?

The Stealth V1 uses both Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) channels. Channels 7-14 (AWIRE default is Channel 7) do not require a license; Channels 1-7 are open for use as long as Stealth V1 is on LOW power setting. HIGH power settings do require a license to operate in the U.S.

How many people can be on one channel?

The more the merrier! All your friends can link up on whatever channel you choose.

How do you pick up a phone call through the Stealth V1?

A quick double click of the Stealth V1 button will pick up or hang-up on any incoming phone call, similar to how your smartphone ear buds work.

Is Stealth V1 Water Resistant?

Water resistant, yes. Waterproof? No. We designed the system to be used in most outdoor conditions, so feel free to use it in any environment—except completely submerged underwater. Don’t dunk it!

What is the Maximum Range?

The Stealth V1 is capable of line of sight communication up to 2 miles away.

How do I play my music on the Stealth V1?

Just pair your Stealth V1 with your smartphone via Bluetooth® and hit the play button. It’s that easy!

What happens to my music when a radio call comes in?

Stealth V1 will smart switch to Radio Audio and mute your tunes while you talk. Once the chat is over, the Stealth V1 will switch the music back on automatically.

Where’s the Antenna?

We built it inside the Stealth V1 body so it’s not in your way and the device is easier to use.

Is the Stealth V1 going to kill my phone’s battery life?

No more so than using a Bluetooth headset would. Other than that, the Stealth V1 does not take any power from your phone to operate.

What headsets can I use?

Any headset that you can plug into your smartphone’s audio jack can be used with the Stealth V1.

Where is the power button?

There isn’t one! The Stealth V1 senses when a headset jack is plugged in and will turn on automatically. To turn off the device, simply unplug. Boom, done.